TitleExtreme 1.0

AddS broadcast-quality titles and text effects to your video project
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Use Pinnacle Title Extreme to add broadcast-quality titles and text effects to your next video project. Title Extreme comes with the ProDAD Heroglyph plug-in for Studio and 30 professionally designed vector-graphic title templates.
Total Control:

proDAD Heroglyph for Studio enables you to create eye-catching, professional-quality titles from within Studio at a fraction of the cost of high-end, stand-alone titling tools. You can use Heroglyph to create your own titles and text effects such as rolling credits, subtitles, animated handwriting, and motion text. Or you can use Heroglyph to customize existing 2D and 3D title templates.
Work Fast:

When you don’t have time to make or customize a title with ProDAD Heroglyph, you can still add professional polish to your project by selecting one of the 30 title templates and then adjusting the text and timing settings.
Cool Design:

Inspired by today’s most popular TV shows and movies, the titles combine beautiful typography with rich textures, images, animations and objects. The high-resolution titles are available in full-screen and lower-third formats, and are fully compatible with SD and HD (widescreen) video projects

Main features:

- UNIQUE: Includes proDAD Heroglyph plug-in: Create professional-grade titles and text effects
- 30 new professionally designed title templates for Pinnacle Studio
- Vector-based text, texture, images, animations and objects
- Inspired by the titles seen in popular TV shows and movies
- 100% compatible with SD and HD video projects
- Support for 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio
- Full-screen and lower-third formats

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